At Commerce Capital Partners, we take great care to employ programs and practices that go beyond compliance to truly benefit and improve the lives of our residents, property management teams and their communities. We are continually investigating new technologies and processes that will help us to self-regulate our business and add real value to those within our sphere of influence. We achieve these initiatives through Resident Programs and Management Programs.

Resident Programs

ComCapp has developed a portfolio of resident programs that begin from the first interaction with our properties and support them during the duration of their residence at our properties. We have the highest satisfaction ratings of all of our competitors as the result of our adoption of advanced communication and response tools, affordable insurance options and utility conservation programs.

Active Satisfaction Management
Online communications through Yardi and PopCard begin when residents initiate an apartment search. We are able to understand needs and requirements and save time in the application process by recommending the right option, available at the right time for the best price. We can also assist with move-in, utility setup and then follow up to ensure that your move was successful.

Online Work Orders
Through each property websites, residents may submit online work orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This streamlined work order system also helps to ensure that service requests are addressed within 48 hours.

Renters Insurance
ComCapp offers SafeRent, an easy and low cost option for renters insurance to all residents. There are multiple coverage options and even coverage for pet damage. Residents can get a free instant quote HERE.

Utility Conservation
We have implemented extensive water and energy conservation programs at all ComCapp properties. Sample programs and results include:
E-Conserve – property audits and installation of water saving devices resulting in lower water bills.
Low Flow Toilets – installation of low flow toilets or devices that improve the water usage on existing toilets resulting in lower water bills.
LED Lighting Systems – audit of all common areas and resident front doors and installation of energy efficient lighting resulting in lower energy bills.

Smart Thermostats
San Antonio area properties have partnered with CPS and Honeywell to install Smart Thermostats that can be connected to resident mobile phones resulting in better control, more comfort and energy conservation.
Water Signal – devices installed on water meters that identifies leaks and sends notifications to property management resulting in less property damage and responsible water usage.

Management Programs

Comcapp has invested significant capital and time in hiring the highest qualified property management professionals and in nurturing their career growth. As a result, we are able to retain and develop the most talented people in our industry and they are able to provide the highest level of resident satisfaction at every property.

Comcapp 5 Star Leadership Development Program
Property Managers and Maintenance Managers that show positive results and high levels of resident satisfaction are asked to join our development program in order to mentor new staff members or those that require performance improvements.

Certifications and Education
Our property managers and maintenance staff are required to secure industry certifications and continue to educate themselves in new standards and best practices. This results in improved employee retention and satisfaction. We offer tuition reimbursement for Certified Apartment Manager and Certified Apartment Property Supervisors courses. In addition, all maintenance staff are AC and Pool Maintenance Certified so you can trust that your property is being maintained by an experienced professional.